Apple has timed the release of the new MacBook Pro and HomePod to benefit both the first and second generations

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  • And that was actually the original plan: Apple last year, he tried to launch three products. With the M2 iPad Pro line, the latest Apple TV, the new MacBook Pro, the updated Mac mini, and the revamped HomePod all coming after the iPhone during the fall tide, it’s been a pretty busy schedule. Apple has previously released products with limited initial equipment, which in this case could pose significant financial risks. Apple has previously told investors and analysts that year-over-year sales growth is expected to fall during the holiday season.

  • Apple has staggered the launch of its new MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and HomePod to support earnings this quarter while avoiding a supply shortage during the recently ended holiday season. Also: The company has postponed his AR glasses indefinitely and plans a major new smart home his device. Apple Inc. kicked off the year with a series of product announcements in January. His latest MacBook Pro, Mac mini and HomePod speakers. The timing is remarkable given that the company typically releases new devices in the spring, summer and fall.

Partly because there won’t be a major update to the MacBook Pro in 2022 (as there was in 2021). The introduction of a limited supply MacBook Pro upgrade this quarter will only exacerbate the problem. Consumers will abandon their old Macs in favor of the new Macs they couldn’t afford. With that in mind, not launching a new MacBook Pro in October may have actually helped Apple generate more pre-orderable revenue. Of course, Apple also benefits from delaying the start of this quarter to January. Last year, Apple announced his 5G iPhone SE, Mac Studio.

These updates are all about speed improvements and are reminiscent of the yearly upgrades to his PowerPC and Intel Mac chips that used to happen. With newer machines powered by the M2, M2 Pro, or M2 Max chips, Apple claims about 20% faster speeds. It also gives a considerable boost to the graphical side of the equation. But if you currently own an M1 Pro MacBook Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro, I don’t think there is a major reason to upgrade. If you currently own a 2020 M1 Mac mini, you should make a case. Especially when jumping to the new M2 Pro version.

Studio Display in the second quarter, which runs through March. There is no comparable flow of new products in the second quarter of this year. But with the release of the new Macs and HomePods in January, this year-over-year comparison should be a little less painful. Wall Street now expects sales in the holiday quarter to be $122.2 billion. A slight decrease from the previous year, but overall not a catastrophe. Second-quarter revenue is expected to be flat at $97.5 billion. But what about the product itself? Let’s start with Mac.

This is a jump from 8 CPU cores and graphics cores to up to 12 CPU cores and 19 graphics cores.