Apple has pending a patent for an iPad cover that can change shape indefinitely

Apple has pending a patent for an iPad cover that can change shape indefinitely

Tech Highlights:

  • Patently Apple was the first to uncover the novel concept, which was authorized and published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patently Apple looked through all the intricacies and prospective implementations.

  • Apple has been granted a patent for what may be the most fascinating iPad cover yet: a geometrically patterned surface that can morph into a variety of forms.

As you can see, the design’s whole surface is divided into triangle-shaped geometric objects, each of which may bend along its edges. The primary purpose of this is to allow users to bend the case to prop up their device for comfortable viewing at any angle and in any position.

Anyone interested in the more in-depth descriptions of the iPad cover can explore the patent, which was made public today on the USPTO database.

One of the most intriguing features of Apple’s invention, however, is that the bendy case could do more than just double as the most versatile stand ever. What’s more, the patent describes, the accessory “can additionally become a supplemental power storage system that adds power capacity to [the electronic device] by transferring at least some electrical energy stored in structural elements.” Hence, Apple says, the case could also be referred to as a “charging mat.”

If Apple does make something out of it, we’d like to think that such a convenient case design could make its way to iPhone, as well. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy the freedom to shape their phone case, too, into a convenient stand in any orientation; not only does it sound incredibly fun to own, but also much more convenient than always looking for something on which to prop your device.

That being said, the fact that the patent doesn’t guarantee that the concept, no matter how detailed, will necessarily ever see the light of day. Apple has patented many more designs, both for electronic devices and accessories, than it has ever actually produced. But we can’t help but hope that this morphing geometric iPad case does, in fact, make it to the market.

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