Apple: Blood oxygen sensor, Touch ID rumored for 'OS 7,' Apple 'Series 6'

Apple may introduce sleep monitoring, blood oxygen sensor and Touch ID with Apple updates “Series 6” and “OS 7”, according to new rumors.

Future versions of the operating system and Apple may include popular features, such as sleep monitoring.

Tech giant Cupertino plans to launch its OS 7 update extensively during a virtual WWDC in June, with Apple’s new models likely to debut later this year.

In 2020, OS 7 could finally add support for sleep monitoring and blood oxygen level detection to Apple’s operating system, according to the Hebrew website The Verifier and the iUpdate YouTube channel.

The new update could also remove support for the Apple Series 2 and “include improvements to Siri’s intelligence that allow it to expand further,” added the site.

Apple can also support LTE and Wi-Fi 6 on the “Apple Series 6”, as well as Touch ID on the digital crown and a larger battery. The last resort is especially important because current Apple models require charging at least every other day, making sleep tracking impractical.

Although no significant design changes are expected for this model, The Verifier claims that the so-called “Apple Series 7” will have a fingerprint sensor embedded under the screen in 2021.

The auditor and iUpdate have a questionable history of accurate information from Apple. On Monday, the duo planned a new Apple TV model with greater capacity and a new “child mode” tvOS.

However, blood oxygen detection has already been suggested by code snippets in a leaked version of iOS 14. OS 7 may also include a new training demo app, shareable faces and a “kid mode”.

Apple is also working on other new developments for Apple’s future customers, including an updated digital crown with touch and light sensors and a new type of plastic and ceramic box.

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