Apple asked to provide iPhone evidence in college cus attack investigation

Apple is one of the parties mentioned in a notification from the Delhi Supreme Court, regarding the evidence regarding a recent attack on a CPU against that of India, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

Apple is being asked to provide user information, including messages, photos, videos, and more. In other words, this seems to be another potential privacy headache for Apple.

The incident in question took place on January 5 in JNU, New Delhi. A group of people wearing masks entered the cus and attacked students and teachers with sticks and staffs. The incident lasted approximately three hours. The crowd injured at least 34 people.

Three faculty members, Parameswaran, Atul Sood and Shukla Vinayak Sawant, had asked companies to submit all evidence that could be used by researchers.

On the Apple side, they ask WhatsApp and Google to provide equipment that can help. On WhatsApp, for example, they believe that a group called "the unit against the left" and "Friends of the RSS" can contain relevant information. So far, the Delhi police have identified more than 50 people from photos and videos that went viral on social media.

The next hearing will take place on January 14. It is not yet clear whether the technology companies will have to comply with the requests.

Apple: request from Cus

Apple is regularly confronted with these challenges with its focus on user encryption and privacy. Although Apple has the help of law enforcement officers wherever possible, it has also come into disagreement with the authorities when it comes to unlocking the phones or securely sharing information.

In India, Apple also had its own distance with the authorities. In 2017, Apple clashed with the Indian government about an application that worried Apple in violation of its privacy policy. The anti-spam Do-Not-Disturb application that is concerned about Apple. This was because it gave the Indian government access to customer logs and text messages. At the end of 2018, Apple finally has a version of the app available for download via the App Store.

Source: Indian Express

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