Apple Approaches Hyundai on Autonomous Cars: Reports

Apple Approaches Hyundai on Autonomous Cars: Reports

Apple is reportedly on the verge of signing a deal to manufacture its own branded cars in the United States in partnership with South Korean auto giant Hyundai

Apple is about to sign an agreement to manufacture its own autonomous vehicles in collaboration with the South Korean giant Hyundai. An announcement is expected to be made this month, according to media reports.

A CNBC TV report, citing unnamed sources, said Apple is working with Hyundai and its Kia brand to produce the car in the southern state of Georgia.

The report was the latest on the potential connection and efforts by Apple to create its own vehicle using self-driving technology that it has been developing for several years.

A Korean media report said Apple will make a multi-billion dollar investment in Kia as part of the deal announced on February 17. The companies planned to produce 100,000 vehicles per year from 2024.

None of the companies commented on the reports.

CNBC said the deal hadn’t been finalized, but the companies planned to manufacture an Apple-branded autonomous electric vehicle at Kia’s West Point, Georgia assembly plant.

The report said Apple plans to partner with an established automaker willing to give the California tech giant control over the software and hardware that goes into the vehicle.

Last month, Hyundai’s shares rose on reports broke out in talks with Apple.

Hyundai said it had received requests from various companies to collaborate on self-driving electric cars, but did not confirm they were talks with Apple.

Hyundai shares soar on reports of Apple car calls

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