Apple adds repair scores for iPhones and MacBooks sold in France

Apple adds repair results for iPhones and MacBooks sold in France

In November, the European Parliament approved the law on the right to repair, which requires some electronic products to be marked with a repairability index of 10 in order to reduce e-waste. Last month, France became the first country in the EU to have these repair indices on electronics including smartphones and Laptops and now applied to Apple’s French site officially supports the labels for iPhones and MacBooks.

The actual repair value will not be shown until you have configured yours iPhone or MacBook. All iPhone Series 12 phones get a score of 6/10, the older ones iPhone 11 gets a much lower 4.6 / 10 score. The iPhone SE (2020) is actually the easiest to repair novelty iPhone You can buy directly from Apple with a score of 6.2 / 10.

The actual rating system has its shortcomings as every manufacturer has to calculate their ratings and some categories, such as providing information for software updates and technical support, skew the overall result in favor of the manufacturer. The predefined categories for the scorecard include repair documentation, easy disassembly, availability of spare parts, and price. Newer iPhones tend to get better results because they are easier to disassemble and have more abundant and cheaper replacement parts.

Although the new repair indices are required by law, they only apply to a select group of electronic devices, including smartphones, Laptops, Televisions, washing machines and lawn mowers. Although manufacturers are required to provide an index rating, they will not be penalized for products with a poor repair index until 2022.

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