Announced strategy “Albert” on PC: Falconeer Chronicles for PC

Announced strategy “Albert” on PC: Falconeer Chronicles for PC

News Summary:

  • The story of Thomas’ love of the construction of fortresses and settlements in the context of the bombshell: Falconeer Chronicles tells the story of Thomas’ love of building and destroying fortresses and settlements and aims to give that joy to gamers. In this game, players create their own fortified settlements among the ghostly landscapes of the Great Ursi world.

  • Wired Productions and the developer Tomas Sala announced the Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles, new strategy game set for PC. There is no date for the release yet.

We focus on wild building on the rocky cliffs and cliffs of the planet. Dark resources, combat and stories take your creation to life, giving voice to its inhabitants and giving you a unified future.

The Falconeer is a new, standalone, game. Build and upgrade your Bulgarian territory with unlimited possibilities and freedom in fantastic and incredible landscapes. Come and recruit commanders and specialists that unlock new building ideas, new units and new stories. The Falconeer Chronicles is a series of games, based in the same universe as the Falconeer-nominated flight and combat game.

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