Animated splash screens for Android 12 for Google apps

Animated splash screens for Android 12 for Google apps

Tech Highlights:

  • Update 11/10: The animated Google Maps splash screen is now rolled out to the stable channel with version 11.6.2. It starts with a ring partitioned into five colors — there are two shades of blue. The pin icon then takes shape as the hues get into the correct diagonal positions. This animation first appeared with the 10.87.0 beta. Update 11/8: The standalone Google Chat app has yet to receive a Material You redesign despite the integrated Gmail experience — and Meet — featuring the new look for quite sometime now. That said, version 2021.10.17.x does bring an animated splash screen that’s quite delightful.

  • To make “startup a more consistent and pleasurable experience,” Android 12 includes a launch animation with every app that is opened. Drive is the first Google app on Android 12 to allow an animated icon on the splash screen as part of this feature. Update 11/19: The animated splash screen-equipped Version 16.45.36 of YouTube is being extensively distributed this evening. Update 11/11: The most recent beta (16.45.32) of YouTube is trying an animated splash screen. The play button’s hollowed-out shape is the first subtle detail in this seemingly straightforward design. The largest of the two triangles—in faded red—serves as the background as they glide in from the left. In addition, a white triangle serves as the play symbol, and the brilliance increases until

It starts with splashes of green expanding from the bottom-left and top-right corner. As the splash screen takes up more and more of your screen, so do the green inserts until they overlap into a past and just sent message. Update 9/17: Following an almost month-long pause, Google Calendar now has an animated splash screen. It was introduced alongside the broader Material You update that added Dynamic Color and tweaked widgets. Calendar’s borders fill-in from the perimeter, while the “31” expands out. Version 2021.37.0 is rolling out now via the Play Store.

Update 7/13: Version of Docs, Sheets, and Slides is rolling out with launch animations. These three apps share the same shape: a piece of paper that’s folded in the top-right corner. Like Duo, they load from the middle of the screen and expand outward. It begins with a rectangle that features rounded corners. As the icon inside grows, the corner begins to fold for one of the more detailed (and delightful) animations so far. Developers have long been able to design their own custom splash screens (e.g., YouTube TV), but Android 12 allows any app to easily do it as part of standardizing the opening experience.

Update 8/25: Google Contacts gained an animated splash screen with its broader Material You revamp. Version 3.52 of the app changes it so the icon no longer populates from left-to-right. Rather, it loads from the center with the person getting larger. This expanding style matches the Docs editors and Google Duo. In comparison, News yesterday adopted the side slide-in. Update 8/24: After a lull in updates — besides Contacts, Google News is the latest app to adopt Android 12’s animated splash screen It’s introduced with version 5.37 and one of the more delightful implementations that starts before the splash screen takes up the entire display. As it does, the outline is filled in with blue streaming in from the left followed by yellow and green. The ‘G’ logo then makes an appearance as red is the last color to appear. It then all fades out.

The first Google app to adopt this animation is Drive. You first see Drive’s six-sided shape empty and hollowed-out. Once the splash screen takes over the entire display, the dark green, yellow, red, blue, dark blue, and green colors slide in from the edge. Version is widely rolled out today and the animated splash screen is live for all Android 12 users. It does not appear on early versions of the operating system.

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