Android users will soon have access to custom text stickers and more features

Android users will soon have access to custom text stickers and more features

Tech Highlights:

  • Another Gboard change is new emoji mashups for Emoji Kitchen. There are over 1,600 new combinations to explore and this also includes the rainbow-themed ones to celebrate Pride Month. For those who don’t know, Emoji Kitchen is an intriguing feature that allows users to create custom emojis by combining two existing emojis. As for the ease of accessibility, there’s a new Sound Amplifier feature as part of the Accessibility Settings. This will use an Android phone to amplify and filter out important sounds. This means lesser background noise and more accurate sound. Google has also updated the Lookout feature, which provides information about the surroundings by using the phone’s camera for visually impaired people. It now gets the new Images mode, which will read the description of an image when it is opened. It uses Google’s latest machine learning model to do the task. Additionally, the Text, Documents, Food Label, and Explore modes have been further improved.

  • Google has released a plethora of new features for Android users, including Gboard and accessibility improvements. Additionally, users who frequently utilise Google Play Points to make app purchases may notice a new modification. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new. The new personalised text stickers, which are a new addition to Gboard, are first in line. These are the results of typing any text in English-US. This feature was once only available on Pixel phones, but it is now being rolled out to all Android phones. It was first discovered as part of a test in March.

Lastly, the interesting change for Google Play Points is that these can now be used for in-app purchases too without the need for leaving the apps and games. Users can either use the entire points or divide the payment between the Play Points and another mode of payment. This functionality will arrive in regions with the Google Play Points program in the coming weeks. All these new Android features will eventually reach all users. If you have got them, do share your thoughts on them with us in the comments section below.

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