Android Sapphire support may be coming to the Pixel 6 Pro

Android Sapphire support may be coming to the Pixel 6 Pro

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  • A tweet from the official Paranoid Android account has teased us with a screenshot showing the most recent Sapphire build fully booted on a Pixel 6 Pro. That doesn’t mean that you can now go download and flash Paranoid Android on your handset, but you may be able to very soon. A very interesting device has officially joined our Paranoid Android family! No other details were shared such as timelines or potential launch dates. However, with the Paranoid Android Sapphire builds available to a limited device pool, the addition of Google’s latest and greatest flagship would be a huge move and potentially means that we could see even further Pixel support in future.

  • After being formally hinted by the development team behind the ROM project, it appears that the popular paranoid Android might soon be available for Pixel 6 Pro. Third-party ROM support for Google’s flagship lines is common, however the Pixel 6 series has received less support in the months after introduction than previous series models. Sure, there are a lot of ROMs out there, but Paranoid Android for Pixel 6 Pro is one of the most popular.

Although this is great news, it’s also worth noting that the AOSPA project has struggled to stay afloat in recent months. The team behind Paranoid Android has attempted to implement an OEM-like update experience with an OTA update option. Financial implications and the cost of running servers to host builds have hindered the progress of the hobbyists behind this impressive ROM.

While running a custom ROM is not something that we would ordinarily suggest for most people, it’s a great way to access customization not offered in AOSP builds, while also offering a long-term support avenue for devices that have since been abandoned by the manufacturer.

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