Android may soon be able to convert iMessage responses into emojis

Android may soon be able to convert iMessage responses into emojis

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  • What this sounds like is instead of a line spelling out what the iMessage reaction was, you’ll receive an emoji in response, which is a little more akin to how the reaction feature functions between Apple devices. DuckDuckGo Now Stops Android Apps From Snooping On Your Data. New Google Maps Features Will Help You Avoid Holiday Crowds This Shopping Season. How to Use Adaptive Battery to Make Your Android Phone Last as Long as Possible
    Currently, iMessage employs a different set of reactions than what’s offered by Google Messages in its RCS chats. An additional line of code says “ios_reactions_mapping,” which seems to indicate Google will remap the iMessage reactions toward an Android-corresponding emoji.

  • There’s no cross-compatibility between iMessage and Android, but Google might be working on making those “liked an image” reaction messages translate a little better. In the latest beta update to Google Messages, 9to5Google’s code sleuths found a string of code in a preference menu that says “ios_reaction_classification,” which appears to refer to the reaction messages you get specifically from an iOS-based device. It’s followed by “Show iPhone reactions as emoji,” which sounds pretty self-explanatory.

Apple to Bring Workers Back to Office on Feb. 1 in Hybrid Pilot. Fujifilm’s New Hybrid Instant Camera Pairs Retro Style With Modern Amenities. With Spigen’s New Over-the-Air Charging Case, We’re One Step Closer to Truly Wireless Power Being a Reality. You’ll have to use your imagination to figure out what this will all look like within the Google Messages interface, as there are no teaser images. It could be something like when the person on the other line “likes” something, the Android user will get a thumbs-up 👍 emoji on the receiving end.

By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. One other new feature discovered in the weeds is the ability to set birthday reminders from within Google Messages. The conversation list will display the recipient’s birthday, though it’s unclear if this pulls from their Contacts listing. Once this feature goes live, you’ll have no excuse not to forget going forward, so prep those animated birthday cards.

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