Android Auto can no longer cope with one of the world’s most popular apps

Android Auto can no longer cope with one of the world's most popular apps

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  • “All other notifications, like messages (text messages), work fine and can be played from the pop-up notification or from the notification page, seems like it’s only linked directly to Facebook Messenger. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling Messenger, Facebook, Android Auto, and Google. I also checked to make sure Sync (Ford Truck) was updated,” someone explains on the forums. Without an official Google answer, it’s hard to tell who’s to blame for the whole thing. But if a recent Android Auto update caused the notification struggle, the easiest way to undo this is by going back to an earlier version of the app.

  • If you use Android Auto on your car’s head unit while driving and have recently discovered that listening to Facebook Messenger notifications no longer works, you’re not alone. interface As a result of a bug that is now affecting some Android Auto users, the app is unable to play Facebook Messenger messages. But, strangely, the whole thing only affects the notification, as opening the Messenger app on Android Auto allows the app to read the most recent messages. The bug doesn’t appear to be widespread at this time, but a discussion thread on Google’s forums blames it on a recent Android Auto update.

You can find additional information on how to manually install a specific version of Android Auto in our detailed guide here. Statistics provided by Apptopia revealed that back in 2021, Facebook and Facebook Messenger were two of the most popular apps on both Android and iPhone. Facebook itself was ranked third in the charts with no less than 416 million downloads (after TikTok and Instagram with 656 million and 545 million downloads, respectively). Facebook Messenger managed to secure the 8th place with 268 million downloads. At this point, it’s not yet clear if installing the recently released Android Auto 7.6 brings any improvements to the experience with Messenger notifications.

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