Android Auto 7.6 is now available for everyone

Android Auto 7.6 is now available for everyone

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  • In other words, if you’re comfortable with the manual installation of apps and updates on your Android devices, you can find the stand-alone APK file for Android Auto 7.6 on this page. Just download the file and then install it on your device, with your instance of Android Auto to be automatically updated to the latest version. As usual, Google hasn’t provided any information regarding the changes that are part of this new update, but fortunately, we already know that at least one new feature is included.

  • Android Auto has just gotten a new upgrade, with version 7.6 graduating from beta and now trickling out to production devices. Non-beta users can now download Android Auto 7.6. There are six photographs total. Auto-interface for Android Auto-interface for Android Auto-interface for Android Auto-interface for Android Android Auto has a user interface. Needless to say, the update is being rolled out in phases via the Google Play Store, so some devices will get it sooner than others. This means that some customers may have to wait a little longer for the new version to arrive, but thankfully, the APK installer is already available for a manual upgrade.

The beta build of Android Auto 7.6 included quick replies for messages, and there’s a chance the same feature is now shipping to non-beta users as well. With quick replies, users no longer have to rely on Google Assistant to answer a message they just received. Once the message notification shows up on the screen in the car, Android Auto also displays basic and generic responses, such as “OK” and “Sure.” Simply tapping any of them quickly replies to the sender with the selected message.

Previously, in order to respond to a received message, users just had to rely on Google Assistant and therefore dictate the answer. Without a doubt, Android Auto 7.6 also resolves various other bugs, but without an official changelog, it’s up to us, the end-users, to figure out what exactly has been resolved. More information on this new update will certainly become available in the coming days as more users receive the update through the Google Play Store.

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