Android 14 Developer Preview is now available

News Summary:

  • The sneak peek was released on February 8th. Version 14 expands on Android 12L and 13 work to support tablets and foldable form factors. According to supporters, the goal of each release is to make it easier to optimize an app across all Android surfaces.

  • Google has released the first Developer Preview of its Android 14 mobile operating system, emphasizing tablets and foldables as well as data transfer and battery life improvements.

Android developers have created sliding pane layout, window size classes, activity embedding, and box with constraints to help with building apps that adapt to different screen sizes, which are supported in the Jetpack Compose UI development kit. The guidance for large screens has been updated with Version 14. A preview of a cross-device SDK is also included for developing applications that can run on a variety of devices and form factors.