Android 11 is not yet as widespread as Android 10

Android 11 is not yet as widespread as Android 10

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  • Stats show that iOS users tend to update their devices very quickly, with the vast majority of users on the newest version. That’s certainly not the case for Android users, as these stats show. That could be down to one of the most popular aspects of Android, which is its ease-of-use – it doesn’t nag you to update to the new version all the time, and you’re not missing out on key features if you don’t upgrade.

  • Clearly Android phone users aren’t desperate to upgrade their mobiles every year, which is why we’ve still got users on nearly-decades-old software, and why the newest version of the operating system isn’t the most widely used. While we generally see quick uptake in new versions of iOS, it’s not the same for Android – though it’s worth noting that Android 12 isn’t included, despite the new Pixel 6 phones coming with the software, which suggests the stats are a bit outdated.

The fragmented user base of Android shows that it’s okay to upgrade when you want to without the user experience being marred in any kind of way. Saying that, Google should be raising eyebrows at the fact its newer updates aren’t being taken up as enthusiastically as previous updates – it suggests users aren’t too keen on the new features of each version. Tom’s role in the TechRadar team is as a staff writer specializing in phones and tablets, but he also takes on other tech like electric scooters, smartwatches, fitness trackers and more.

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