Analysts bullish that 5G and budget iPhones will give Apple very strong 2020

Apple, the stock price is more than double what it was this time last year. Cult of Mac demand in the market analysis of companies to explain this rapid rise. Several of them not only contain the next first of the 5G iPhone for investor optimism, but also the upcoming launch of a budget model.

Analysts predict that two waves of 2020 iPhones

When Jeff Fieldhack, Research Director at Counterpoint Research, was asked why Apple raised the share price to 100% in a year, he said Cult of Mac “We believe it is a very large 5G upgrade that is expected in September and cooked in the share price. The volumes in the fourth quarter will be great and ASP is in very good health due to 5G and other updates in the September launches. "

5G, a faster replacement for the 4G LTE cellular wireless network, has been described in the competitors of the combined company. This fall, a 5G iPhone is expected universally.

But it's not just 2020 iPhone Fieldhack is the expectation. "It is very widespread and is expected to launch LTE in the spring, which will help to maintain the momentum of the iPhone and additional revenue to grow the company through its unveiling of 5G."

Analysts rival market analysis business strategy Analytics agrees on the two waves of new models. Said a spokesperson Cult of Mac "This year we expect Apple to launch 5 new models of the iPhone in March / April, including the low cost of the iPhone SE2, and three new models of the iPhone 5G and LTE in September."

The budget model, which the two analysts have discussed, is often referred to as the iPhone 2 or the iPhone 9 because the official name has not been leaked. It is expected to cost $ 399, and the use of a design similar to the iPhone 8 from 2017.

Apple is more than just an iPhone maker

Another reason for the spectacular rise in Apple & # 39; s share price, according to Analytics strategy, is "rising service products (newly launched Apple TV and Apple Card, etc.) and the good performance of the other non-smartphone products (such as Apple and Airpods etc.) "

The analyst Counterpoint Research agreed and also pointed to technical reasons for the price rise. “Tax benefits for companies on the Trump card of the administration led to 40% less income from corporate tax in 2019. Apple has, like many others in the technology field, benefited from these lower taxes and a more aggressive share buyback that the price of the shares, "Fieldhack said.

None of the analysts Cult of Mac Talking to Apple's thinking to raise the price of the share is a bubble that will inevitably burst. Gene Munster of Wolf Ventures have even said that there are good reasons to think that Apple's share price could increase by 50%.

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