An Xbox insider reveals a new Halo game ahead of Halo Infinite’s release

An Xbox insider reveals a new Halo game ahead of Halo Infinite's release

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  • Corden remains mum about the nature of this Halo game. It doesn’t sound like it’ll be the next mainline instalment in the sci-fi first-person shooter series, so many Halo fans are speculating that it’ll be Halo Wars 3. This is a possibility, but it would imply that 343 Industries would be a joint developer on the project, as it was with Halo Wars 2, which it co-developed with Creative Assembly. Given the relationship between Halo Infinite’s campaign and Halo Wars 2’s campaign, Halo Wars 3 would make a lot of sense.

  • 343 Industries is developing a new Halo spin-off game, which will be released alongside Halo Infinite. Regrettably, this is the extent of the report’s disclosures. The fresh knowledge about Halo’s future comes from Jez Corden, a well-known Xbox insider and leaker who revealed it on a recent episode of The Xbox Two.

Interestingly, if this is true, it raises questions about the future of Halo Infinite. If 343 Industries is going to keep the promise it made with Halo Infinite and if it’s going to compete with the other titans in the space, it’s going to need a large team to support it, not just a piece of 343 Industries.

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That said, for now, take everything here with a grain of salt as it’s all information of the unofficial variety and it’s also subject to change. The source in question is pretty reliable though, and, of course, a new Halo game from 343 Industries is inevitable.

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