An emoji on the new iOS 16.4 list is one we’ve all wished for for years

News Summary:

  • A new smiley, a shaking head, new animals like a moose and a goose, and new heart colors like plain pink and light blue are all part of the new emoji. According to Emojipedia, which listed it as one of the most popular emoji requests on the website in 2015, the plain pink heart has long been a sought-after emoji. With a total of 37 new designs, the major emoji release from last year in iOS 15.4 featured a melting face, a biting lip, and a pregnant man.

  • The first iOS 16.4 developer beta was released on Thursday and included a total of 31 new emoji designs.

The new emoji are all from Emoji 15.0, which was recommended by Unicode in September 2022.

A few weeks after the introduction of new features in iOS 16.3, Apple released a number of bug fixes and patches on Monday with the launch of iOS 16.3.1.

The new emoji’s availability across iOS devices has not yet been announced, and before they are officially released on iOS, their designs may change.

For more information, see how to interpret each emoji as well as the emoji that iOS 15.4 may have left out.