An Amazon driver falls 13 feet into a septic tank in Apple Valley

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  • “I tried to use those roots around me to get out, but it only drew more dirt on me.” is,” he said. “I called the headquarters and they said they wanted me to call the police or the fire department because I would never try to climb on my own again”. After being rescued, Amicangelo went home, took a shower and quickly returned to work. Host Tucker Carlson asked if he was thinking of kicking off the day and having a beer instead of going back to work. “I’ve been thinking about it,” Amicangelo replied.

  • Amazon driver Charles Amicangelo recently shared a terrifying moment after falling 13 feet into a septic tank while delivering a package in Apple Valley, California. Amicangelo said he noticed a hole in the ground as he approached the client’s property, and the ground suddenly collapsed on the way back to the truck. “Even though I kept my distance from the hole, the ground crumbled under my feet, so I managed to fall,” he explained on Tuesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” You can see me standing surrounded by large roots.

But he shared what he was taught to always be on a mission in the Marine Corps, and this played a big part in his decision to go back to work. fulfilled. “Another big problem is that if I don’t finish my route, or at least try to finish it, other riders who are already there and have completed the entire route have to complete my route. “And I didn’t think it was fair to them either. But I volunteered my way.”