America’s Response to Fauci’s Retirement Announcement: ‘Sociopathic Liar and Political Hack’

America's Response to Fauci's Retirement Announcement: 'Sociopathic Liar and Political Hack'

News Summary:

  • After revealing his proposals, Fauci received praise from a number of Democratic activists and officials, including President Joe Biden. Conservatives were more harsher, criticising Fauci for his rhetoric during the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of transparency over his interactions with the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci’s news that he will retire at the end of 2022 drew reactions from physicians, political commentators, and government officials from all sides of the political aisle.

“This is a positive development. Especially for NIAID and the NIH. But also for the country,” Dr. Richard Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University, told the Daily Caller. “The resignation of the serially malfeasant, serially perjurious, NIAID Director will lift a burden from, and remove threat to, operations of NIAID and the NIH. In addition, it will remove the official who has done more than any other over two decades to enable, expand, and excuse high-risk gain-of-function research and to oppose and obstruct strengthened federal oversight of biosafety, biosecurity, and biorisk management.”

“Dr. Fauci’s retirement after 38 years as director of the NIAID leaves behind a mixed legacy. Under his leadership, the agency has supported the work of many brilliant scientists who have made discoveries that directly benefit the lives of countless patients,” said Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University professor of medicine. “At the same time, Dr. Fauci’s leadership during the COVID pandemic has been divisive, rigid, and flawed.”

Ebright previously charged Fauci, who has served as the director of the NIAID for almost 40 years, with lying when he denied supporting gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“His advice on lockdowns, school closures, and other restrictions, in particular, ignored the tremendous harm done to children and other vulnerable people by the policies themselves while failing to protect the elderly from COVID,” Dr. Bhattacharya continued. “He deployed his allies in the press to destroy the reputations of scientists who disagreed with his pandemic management, rather than seeking good faith discussions as all scientists should.”

Republicans, who are expected to retake control of the House of Representatives in this year’s midterm elections, may launch investigations into Fauci, who has served as President Biden’s top medical advisor for the past 18 months. This theory was put up by several detractors.

Before the Republicans can take control of the House, “sociopathic liar and political hack Fauci is making a run for it,” wrote conservative radio commentator Buck Sexton on Twitter.

Investigations conducted during the pandemic revealed that Fauci’s NIAID supported cruel animal studies, and some animal rights advocates celebrated his resignation. “Good riddance to Anthony Fauci, who has the dubious distinction of being the white coat who funded the Wuhan animal lab and the bureaucrat behind #BeagleGate, two major international scandals that White Coat Waste Project first exposed,” said Justin Goodman, senior vice president of advocacy and public policy at nonprofit White Coat Waste Project. “Dr. Fauci has been abusing his authority, taxpayers, and animals for half a century and his retirement shouldn’t get him off the hook.”

PETA, which called for Fauci and former NIH director Francis Collins to both resign over abusive animal experiences, celebrated as well. “Dr. Fauci, like Dr. Faustus, seemed to have sold his soul to the devil, at least when it came to animals. He gave millions of dollars to poison and kill them in go-nowhere experiments, as did his boss, Dr. Francis Collins,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told the Daily Caller. “One of them is already history, and the other is soon to be.” Despite having stated that he will continue to be involved in the medical community, Fauci has not yet revealed his plans for life after government service. The position of Biden’s senior medical advisor is vacant.

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