AMD Zen 3 processors reported to arrive by March 2021

Third-generation AMD Ryzen processors have taken over the world, offering multi-core performance, unlike anything we’ve seen in the mainstream market. But AMD will not be idle. Instead, on Financial Analyst Day 2020, AMD took the stage and talked a little about the roadmap, suggesting that until next year we will not only see AMD Zen 3 processors boasting, but that by 2022 we will also have 5 nm processors .

Obviously, we didn’t see specific AMD Zen 3 specs at this event – aside from the fact that it will need to use 3D chip stacking in future projects – but it’s a great guarantee that AMD won’t rest on its laurels while enjoying its newfound discovery. leadership status in the desktop CPU market. Of course, this is particularly refreshing, as we initially expected AMD Ryzen 4000 desktop processors based on AMD Zen 3 to make their debut at CES 2020.

However, this is a double-edged sword, as it means that we could wait until October to see new AMD desktop processors emerge, making it the largest space among AMD Ryzen processors we’ve seen so far. Still, it took AMD a while to boast that it shipped more than 200 million Zen Cores since Ryzen’s first generation hit the streets, so we’re sure AMD would like to bring more processors to market.

Either way, the fact that we know that AMD Zen 3 processors will be on the streets in March next year is useful, even though AMD hasn’t helped to narrow the window further. AMD will share information about the availability of Zen 3 when it is ready; therefore, until then, we will have to wait.

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