Amazon Remote Work; Android snooping; Waze and Headspace are among the top hashtags trending on October 13th

Amazon Remote Work;  Android snooping;  Waze and Headspace are among the top hashtags trending on October 13th

Tech Highlights:

  • Jassy has expressed a pro-employee flexibility attitude in the past regarding work from home standards, having been quoted by CNBC on the matter prior to his designation as Amazon CEO. Jassy had said that the future of work would be “hot offices where employees decide which day they’re going to come in.”

  • Amazon modifies its remote work policies, Android phones may be spying on us more than we thought, and Waze teams up with Headspace in an unexpected partnership. Amazon Alexa’s Hashtag Trending 200 px wide Google Podcasts badge Welcome to Hashtag Trending, where you’ll find all the latest tech news. Today is Wednesday, October 13th, and I’m Tom Li, your host. According to a Business Insider article, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a memo on Monday that Amazon corporate employees will no longer be required to return to work. In light of the unexpected decision, Jassy’s message stated that Amazon would delegate decision-making authority to “particular teams.”

A study from a group of university researchers in the U.K. has found that Android phones have more privacy concerns than we may think. The researchers looked at a host of Android brands, including Samsung and Huawei, and found that “customized Android variants transmit substantial amounts of information to the OS developer and also to third parties”. Perhaps even more concerning is that the study found there was no definitive way to turn off the collection of this data, especially in the case of preloaded applications that cannot be uninstalled. The researchers also found that the encrypted data being transmitted could sometimes also be decoded, leaving users vulnerable to “man-in-the-middle” attacks. In a statement to BleepingComputer, who published the story, a Google spokesperson said “this data is essential for core device services such as push notifications and software updates across a diverse ecosystem of devices”.

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Lastly, Waze and Headspace are teaming up, according to an article from Engadget. The effort, called “Drive with Headspace”, adds a variety of themes and allows drivers to change the in-app car icon to a Headspace-themed hot air balloon. Users will also be able to listen to playlists curated by Headspace through Spotify that feature music and content from the company behind the mindfulness and meditation app. The features are expected to be available for a limited time and are available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

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