Amazon manages to deactivate its Prime Video account on Twitch

Amazon manages to deactivate its Prime Video account on Twitch

Tech Highlights:

  • Twitch — which, again, is owned by Amazon — has very clear guidelines when it comes to nudity and it dropped the ban hammer on the Prime Video España channel channel within hours. The channel has since been reinstated, but Spanish Twitter is having a field day. In a tongue-in-cheek response to a Spanish-language tweet from Prime Video España saying “And now how am I going to explain this to my bosses?” Álvarez tweeted “Tell them I promise that from now on I will always wear a bra to host the show. I am very sorry, I was wrong and it will not happen again.” There doesn’t appear to be much fallout from the “scandal” other than a massive publicity bump for the show. The ban lasted less than 24 hours and has already been lifted.

  • There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by without some sort of Twitch incident. The controversies never end, whether it’s streamers getting banned for using racial slurs or streamers gaming the rules of service by streaming from hot tubs. Sometimes the drama is odd enough that we have to discuss it. The newest oddity from Amazon-owned Twitch comes from Amazon’s official Spanish-language Prime Video channel in Spain. Henar Lvarez, the comedian and host of the show Esto es un LATE, briefly exposed her nipple shortly before the show finished yesterday (via WinFuture). “Let’s be banned,” she added as she opened her blouse, partially exposing herself: “Vamos que nos banean.”

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