All Simple Mobile Tools Android apps are now free on Google Play

All Simple Mobile Tools Android apps are now free on Google Play

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  • If you check out the Simple Mobile Tools page on Google Play right now, you will notice that all Pro apps are currently available for free. Simple Calendar is a hugely customizable, offline calendar app for Android mobile phones designed to do exactly what an android personal calendar should do in 2021. No complicated features, unnecessary permissions, and no ads!  Need to take a quick note to make a shopping list, reminder for an address, or a startup idea? Then look no further as this is the simple organizer tool you’ve been looking for : Simple Notes: To-do list organizer and planner! The best of note taking apps and sticky notes free for android mobile phones. No complicated setup steps needed, just tap the screen and type in what you came for and create notes, quick lists, checklist or backup for any idea.

  • Simple Mobile Tools creates high-quality open source Android apps that are available on Google Play in both free and premium versions. The tools are fantastic alternatives to the native Android apps that come pre-installed on the device. Simple Gallery Pro, a Google Photos alternative, was reviewed on this site a while back and I really enjoyed it. The apps don’t monitor you and only ask for permissions that are required for them to work. All of these apps have great ratings on Google Play. Keep in mind that many apps are also available on F-Droid, however the Google Play Store versions may include functionality that the F-Droid versions do not.

A lightweight phone number smart contact app for managing your contacts loved by millions of people. The contacts can be stored on your device only through this smart contact phone book app and it can also be synchronized by different means. This phone number smart contact phone book will help you keeping your contacts in one place without the hassle of backing up your contacts as the contacts backup are always in sync with the contacts you add. Simple File Manager Pro is a super quick & professional file and folder manager for Android devices. Use Simple File Manager to easily compress, transfer & convert media files with a few clicks. It has all of the major file manager & folder management features, including customizing the home folder and selecting favorite folders for quick access.

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