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  • When you pick up the phone and it is a scam call, you have told them that this is a good number, and you will get more and more calls. No one who has good intentions or knows you should shy away from your answering machine. Use it!

  • Almost drove me crazy, so I became proactive. I went online and purchased a telephone with a “call block” button. They are very reasonably priced and worth every penny. If the caller is not a name that you recognize or just looks weird, by all means, do not answer!

Program the phone numbers of the people who call you, such as family, friends, doctors and regular businesses, in your phone’s phone book. (It is easy to do; just follow the prompts.) Then you will see in an instant if it is someone you know who is calling you. Some businesses’ employees use their own cellphones to call. Again, if it is a legitimate call, they will leave a message.
Answering a ringing phone is a natural thing we all grew up with. But sadly, to gain peace and quiet, we must no longer give in to the temptation. There is not a reason in the world to answer a call you do not recognize, or if you do, to engage in a conversation.

I am boycotting the continuous increase of first class postage by paying my bills online. My banker was very helpful and showed me how to pay my bills online electronically, and the bank will pay my bills from my account.

Without any notice on the TV news or in the newspapers, the United States Postal Service once again increased the rate of first class postage from 55 cents to 58 cents per letter.

I am also sending greetings along with messages to family and friends exclusively by emails and free electronic greeting cards. Surprisingly, a bank recently offered me a one-time $5 statement credit to go paperless for all of my monthly bank statements and credit card invoices. I welcomed the offer and gladly accepted it.

I am also contacting other financial institutions, insurance companies and utility companies to offer the same. Not only will it save on postage, but also on the cost to print and recycle all of the paper. This will help our fragile environment. Please encourage your readers to do the same by signing up to go paperless and to ask for statement credits. Going green and paperless!


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