Alibaba suggests Android could soon run on RISC-V processors

Alibaba suggests Android could soon run on RISC-V processors

Tech Highlights:

  • Alibaba has enabled more system enhancement features like core toolsets, third-party libraries, and the SoC board support package on RISC-V. Additionally, Alibaba has successfully trialed TensorFlow Lite models on RISC-V to support AI functions like image and audio classification and Optical Character Recognition. Alibaba’s RISC-V-based processors have been deployed across many applications and use cases, including smart home appliances, automotive environments, and edge computing.

  • Following Alibaba Group Holding Limited’s BABA -0.02 percent BABA -0.02 percent BABA -0.02 percent BABA -0.02 percent BABA -0.02 percent BABA -0.02 percent BABA -0.02 percent BABA (Receive Free BABA Alerts) The Tech Radar reports on Alibaba Cloud’s efforts in porting the operating system to the upcoming instruction-set architecture. Alibaba’s subsidiary T-Head Semiconductor successfully migrated critical services, such as Chrome browsing in Android 10, to a RISC-V chip in 2021. Alibaba has also made third-party vendor modules available to enable a variety of new features, such as audio and video playback, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and camera operation.

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