AirPods Pro will ‘just work’ with a 10-year-old iPhone

Apple stopped selling the iPhone 3GS in 2012, the third iPhone model ever. The latest version of the iOS, this is supported iOS 6.1.6, released on February 21, 2014. But you would not want to know what the old phone still works with Apple tip AirPods Pro.

For someone who remembers the fight looking for and installing driver & # 39; s to make new technology work with the old technology, it's pretty impressive. And prove positively why Apple is talking about making devices that "just work".

The iPhone 3GS storefront was performed by a Twitter user zeda former Apple Store genius. "You don't care, but AirPods Pro works perfectly with the iPhone 3GS," Zed said. "I was afraid that (de) active noise canceling (function) is not working, but you can still scroll through all the modes by holding down the bar."

The "perfect" piece appears not to be completely accurate. Zed said that although the AirPods pair would be correct, it would become inaudible on the occasion of the AirPods once the song ended.

To circumvent this, it would "bring it to the iPhone right next to my ears, it would solve the problem and I was able to put the phone in my pocket." However, this does not seem to be a problem too much. In just two hours of listening they were just a few songs.

AirPods work on the old iPhone

Ok, so it is unlikely that most users will still use an iPhone 3GS in the normal way. The 2009 combined with up to 11 years old – the Apple iPhone was third. It wasn't a bad handset, although it wasn't enormously exciting. It boasted the improvement of performance (the "S" means "speed") and a new 3 megapixel camera that allows users to record video. Compared to the first two iPhone, however, it marked the first time that it felt like Apple was just introducing an incremental iPhone enhancement instead of something revolutionary.

But it is nevertheless an excellent data point that goes against the whole "planned obsolescence" argument. And hey, although you may not want to dust off an old iPhone 3G, if you don't want to take your beautiful new iPhone with you when you listen to your AirPods, suggesting that they work well with other older handsets that you have lying around.

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