Against Update sharpens the game and makes it easier to read

Against Update sharpens the game and makes it easier to read

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  • Elsewhere, there are also new interface markers and improved support for LIV Integration. The update is free for existing owners of the game. “As for new content, work on the 1.0 version of the game continues, and it may take a few more months before the full release,” a press release for this week’s update reads. We think Against is a really impressive rhythm action game that successfully blends elements of Beat Saber and Pistol Whip into its own style. Currently, the game has only been confirmed for release on PC VR headsets but we’re hoping to see it arrive on more platforms once the full version hits later this year.

  • The first significant upgrade to Joy Way’s VR rhythm action game, Against, completely redesigns the game to improve timing. The Heartbeat update is now out and primarily responds to user complaints that several activities in the game seemed off-kilter. To address this, Joy Way went back and reworked all of the game’s animations to improve timing. There are also new visual effects to assist players understand how and when to move, making the whole experience more cohesive.

Elsewhere, Joy Way recently saw the return of its VR free-running game, Stride, to the Quest store after Meta delisted the app. You can read more about that right here. Hands-On: Superhot VR’s Forever Update Makes a Great Game Even Better. Like most people that have played it, I only had one complaint after completing Superhot VR. Brutal VR Rhythm Game Against Launches In December. Brutal VR rhythm game, Against, launches on PC December 16. New trailer and details straight. Jamie has been covering the VR industry since 2014 having come from a gaming and technology background. While he loves games, he’s most interested in experiential VR that explores narrative, human connection and other such themes. He’s also the host of Upload’s VR Showcases, which you should definitely watch.

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