After updating to watchOS 8.3, some Apple Watch users are experiencing charging issues

After updating to watchOS 8.3, some Apple Watch users are experiencing charging issues

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  • Is anyone else having issues with their Series 7 Watch after installing the 8.3 update and using a 3rd party wireless charger (Belkin)? My watch began flashing between displays (charging screen, unlock pin pad, watch face) shortly after the upgrade and ultimately depleted the battery to 10%. It charged perfectly once I put it on the charger that came with the watch, and the troubles vanished. I don’t want my charger to be rendered outdated as a result of a software upgrade.

  • Since the release of watchOS 8.3 on December 13, consumers have began to voice their concerns on the company’s own forum. Many of the customers who are having problems recall a similar frustrating experience. They put the Apple Watch on its charger, whether it’s Apple’s or a third-party option, and it won’t charge. Many people believe it’s because of the software upgrade.

It appears as though issues are more common with those using third-party chargers over Apple’s own. However, the issue is widespread enough that there doesn’t appear to be solely one model or manufacturer. While the above states the issue is caused by a Belkin charger, others have used an Amazon alternative and run into similar issues.

Charging problems are more often with watchOS 8.3. It has become ridiculous, it charges around 2% in 10 minutes. What is this? The new ultra slow charging exclusively for Watch Series 7 or what.

Although not as common, some users have faced issues with Apple’s included fast charging products. A user on the MacRumors forum states:

This is everything but not the advertised fast charging.

Many of the affected users appear to be experiencing issues when using the Apple Watch Series 7. However, a small number of issues stem from the Apple Watch Series 6 as well. Though, it’s even more uncommon. It’s even said that some issues have started to arise since the rollout of watchOS 8.1 in November.

As of the time of writing, Apple has yet to make a formal statement on the matter. It’s unclear how long a software update will be released to help mitigate the situation. Until that time, it’s best to air on the side of caution, avoiding the watchOS 8.3 update, especially if you are primarily using a third-party Apple Watch charger.

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