After the school massacre in Oxford there were rumors of impending dangers and dire moments

After the school massacre in Oxford there were rumors of impending dangers and dire moments

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  • Students were aware of alarming social media messages involving a “countdown” and other “very awful stuff” published online by a classmate, according to Zander Cumbey, a 17-year-old who lost a close friend in the attack.

  • In the days preceding up to Tuesday’s shooting at Oxford High School in northern Oakland County, suspicions of something ominous emerged.

However, while several students and parents later told reporters that they stayed home out of concern for their safety, Cumbey went to school, assuming that the problem had been handled by school administration.
In an interview, Cumbey stated, “I felt if the school knew about it, they’d definitely taken some precautions or looked into it.”

Crumbley’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, had met with school officials on the morning of the shooting, and school officials talked with Crumbley the day before and the day of the shooting, citing concerning behavior, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told reporters during a public briefing Wednesday afternoon.

Then, just after lunch on Tuesday, authorities say, sophomore Ethan Crumbley, 15, opened fire in a crowded hallway with a Sig Sauer 8mm semi-automatic handgun, killing four and wounding seven others while Cumbey and his classmates cowered in a classroom just feet away from the rampage, which Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald alleged Wednesday was “absolutely premeditated.”

Bouchard did not detail specifics of the alleged behavior, nor did he say what, if anything, school officials did with the information gathered about the teen. But a public release from the sheriff’s office said the office was not made aware of the meeting or “any issue” until after the shooting, and “nothing of concern was noted” in the shooter’s school file prior to the first meeting with school officials.

At the teen’s arraignment Wednesday, Lt. Tim Willis of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office said videos recovered from Crumbley’s phone showed him threatening on Monday evening to shoot up the school the next day. A journal recovered from his backpack also “detailed his desire to shoot up the school” and murder students, Willis said.

That echoed earlier remarks by Sheriff Bouchard.

“We got none of it,” he told the media Tuesday. “I can tell you that nothing came to the sheriff’s office, and nothing came to our school liaison (officer) in the school.”

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