After Blue Whale, This Momo WhatsApp Challenge Is Pushing Young Children To Commit Suicide

Remembering the challenge of a blue whale, did the teenagers press for suicide with a series of instructions from strangers on the Internet? Similar challenges are being pursued in online space, but this time we are using Facebook-owned chat platform WhatsApp. Reports from around the world show that sculpture images are spreading to WhatsApp and some challenges threaten the lives of recipients. The challenge occurs in the form of extreme behavior as seen during the blue whale challenge.

What Is Momo WhatsApp Challenge?

The peach challenge is a suicide evoking game spreading on WhatsApp. There, with the instructions to display extreme actions in the form of teens’ challenges sculpture intrusive pictures are being transferred. As reportedly, this sculpture was created by Japanese artist Lin Sang, and neither sculpture nor artists have any relevance to the game. The sculpture of “Mother’s Bird” is displayed in the vanilla gallery in Tokyo with other exhibitions of horror art.


Until now, according to the report of the era of Buenos Aires, peach’s challenge has led to the death of a 12-year-old Argentine woman. Following this, the Argentine police are looking for “a young man who exchanged their messages.” Even Spain ‘s national police warned parents against the mother’ s challenge.

Is It Real Or Fake?

Experts believe in the peach challenge that cybercriminals will be tools for extracting the victim’s data. It is unknown how much the game is spreading, and it is not considered to be a real threat to the purpose of inducing youth suicide tendencies. Cyber experts, however, advise young Internet users and their parents not to fall into their traps, looking at such “ridiculous” tasks.