Affordable Apple iPhone 9 With LCD Display Leaked in Images

There are many rumors that Apple will reveal three separate iPhone models this fall – one of which is considered an ‘affordable’ option. That is because it will replace the precious OLED screen technology for the standard LCD variant that can be seen on most ordinary telephones. An image claiming to show this 6.1-inch “iPhone 9” model from the back is posted on Slashleaks. Details are about the photo, but the best estimate is that it was secretly taken in a factory.

It shows a large camera with one lens, a glossy black finish and that always recognizable Apple logo. Holding on to a single lens camera instead of increasing the use of a dual-lens camera such as on the current iPhone X is another way to keep costs low for this model. As for what it will cost, there is still no real indication – but that does not stop everyone from guessing. Reported Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that the cheap LCD version could cost about $600 (£450).

Consumers in the United Kingdom can, of course, pay more – with Apple having a history of pricing products that are higher here. Of course, we still do not even know what Apple wants to call its next set of devices.

Kuo said, “We predict that Apple will use a more aggressive pricing policy,” because Apple says it can afford it because of lower assembly costs. If Apple remains faithful to the form, the official announcement must take place in the first or second week of September.