Adventure and relaxation await on Isla Sinaloa, a tropical paradise

Adventure and relaxation await on Isla Sinaloa, a tropical paradise

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  • ISLA SINALOA offers a wide range of colorful and friendly neighbors and animal figurines. Your character is fully customizable, with hundreds of options available in the clothing store.You can customize the look, features, and body expression to your liking, and exciting adventures and exploration await when you’re ready. ISLA SINALOA challenges you to complete a series of fun and challenging tasks. In return, you’ll get fascinating attractions such as zoos, museums, and botanical gardens, with over 500 objects in total to collect and study. Donate the fish you catch to the zoo and watch them swim in the aquarium.

  • Mexico-based indie game developer and publisher EnsenaSoft is proud to announce the global release of ISLA SINALOA. ISLA SINALOA is a relaxing open-ended social simulation game set on an island surrounded by fun and engaging animal characters in a peaceful world full of fun activities. Developed over two years, his ISLA SINALOA is available for free download on the iOS®, Android™ and Windows® stores.

Talk to Dolly Dolphin to visit a remote island. Dolly Dolphin gives you ticket access to unique locations with mines, pyramids with underground temples to explore, and even volcanic caves where you can mine rare gems and gold. Collected items can be donated to trade shows or sold for profit in the game store. The game store lets you buy and sell hundreds of items over time. The museum has a very large collection of fun and unique artifacts to collect. They offer funny stories and historical nuggets that are guaranteed to make you smile. It’s your job to dig up the island’s treasures and live there.

If you need a break, you can visit the botanical garden and smell the beautiful and colorful flowers you’ve collected during your adventure. Wouldn’t be complete without a farm to grow our crops and manage our gardens. Harvest crops for assigned tasks or resell items to care for cows and chickens. No retreat is complete without good food and entertainment! Visit restaurants and buy ingredients for delicious recipes. The disco sells delicious ice cream and has a dance floor with a variety of music genres hosted by the amazing Alex DJ. You can also visit other players’ islands in a hot air balloon. When you start to feel tired, call Byron his bat and go home for a well-deserved nap.

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