Adobe Photoshop for iPad supports RAW images

Adobe Photoshop for iPad supports RAW images

Tech Highlights:

  • The novelty was known through a video shared by Adobe in the last hours. Once Camera RAW is added to the Photoshop app for iPadOS, users will be able to import, open, and edit RAW images from iPad. Thus, users will gain access to more tools to make improvements to a photo, without depending on Lightroom.

  • For iPad users, there’s good news. Adobe has stated that Camera RAW support will be added soon. This implies that the Apple tablet application will acquire numerous features that were previously only available as a plugin for desktop versions.

According to Adobe, when Camera RAW comes to Photoshop for the iPad it will allow working on files in formats like DNG or ProRAW. This means that the application wants to make “non-destructive” editing utilities available to both those who use professional cameras, as well as those who use smartphones like the latest generation iPhones.

Adobe has not revealed when the feature will ship to end-users, but it is highly likely that will come during MAX later this month since Adobe has historically used the annual event to update its entire suite of software applications.

Dumlao shows the import process but also makes minor edits to the photo through the app, likely to remind users what is possible on Photoshop for iPad since photographers may not use the app frequently in its present state because of its lack of RAW file support. Now, though, the software has considerably more utility for photographers and may see its use increase significantly as a result.

If you want to edit your RAW images directly from Photoshop on the iPad, without a doubt the announcement from Adobe will be very pleasing to you. In any case, it is not yet known specifically when this function will arrive in the app. It has only been mentioned that it will be available “very soon” via an update.

Clearly, the support for Camera RAW on the iPad is intended for those who must perform quick adjustments or on the fly, more than like a replacement editing from the computer. Anyway, it is very interesting that Adobe continues to incorporate functions into its suite of apps with professionals in mind.

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