Adele recently asked that Spotify stop shuffling albums by default

Adele recently asked that Spotify stop shuffling albums by default

Tech Highlights:

  • As per the BBC, Adele successfully persuaded Spotify to make this change. If you’re on Premium, the play button will no longer default to ‘Shuffle play,’ which should encourage users to listen to each album in the intended order. If you do want to get shuffling, you’ll have to start playing it, get into the Now Playing view, and toggle shuffle on from there. The singer took to Twitter to say how thankful she was for the change, to which Spotify replied “anything for you.”

  • Spotify has a library of over 70 million songs, so you’ll almost certainly be able to find something you like to listen to. Adele’s comeback album, 30, was recently added to that ever-growing list. It was only published a few days ago, but it’s already proving to be a great album, since not only are a few songs from it now charting, but it also appears to have caused Spotify to cease shuffling albums by default on its platform.

Opinions on this are divided, but I think it’s fine. Each song is a full work in and of itself, but albums are rarely merely a compilation of songs or a playlist, especially these days. Artists arrange their music in a specific order for a reason, whether it’s simply to add interludes between songs to make them sound better or to convey a deeper message or meaning. I haven’t listened to Adele’s new album, but I’ve checked out a few albums where the tracklist order is key to the listening experience, like The Weeknd’s After Hours, for example. And if you really want to shuffle an album, you can — it’s just a couple of extra steps because the button is no longer shoved into your face. Shuffling, in general, is probably better left to playlists, though.

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