Added variable audio playback speed and notification controls to Google Drive

Added variable audio playback speed and notification controls to Google Drive

Tech Highlights:

  • Starting off the new Google Drive features is the ability to control the playback speed of audio files. This could come in handy when you need to slow down any sort of verbal audio. A lot of educational and business material is shared through Google Drive. Having the ability to control the speed will make it easier to absorb what information you need to.

  • Although not everyone prefers Google Drive for audio listening, it is useful when you need to access shared files. We now know that the platform is getting some cool new features due to the patch notes. You’ll have more control over what you listen to thanks to these new Google Drive capabilities. Android Police discovered and examined this.

Right now, it’s really hard to guess what kind of controls you will have over the audio. The patch notes don’t mention the specific speeds you will be able to set the audio to. All it says is, “You can now play back your audio tracks at different speeds.” If other Google IPs are any indication, you might have the same controls as with YouTube videos. On YouTube, you can adjust the speed by 25% increments. The fastest you can go is double the speed, and the slowest you can go is half speed.

Regardless of this, these new Google Drive features are coming soon. Right now, there’s no word on when to expect these to roll out, but since they are already in the patch notes, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait.

The next addition will let you control the audio position from the notification panel. This is a relatively new feature for Android. While the current version of Drive lets you see the position of the audio from the notification panel, you don’t have the ability to scrub through. You have the ability to do this on YouTube Music, and various other music apps. It’s hard not to see the charm in that. Instead of having to go into the app to adjust the position of the audio, you can do it right from the notification panel. This was omitted from Drive because it’s really a secondary media player. You don’t really use Drive as your primary media player, so there’s really no reason to add any hardcore music features.

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