Activision and Microsoft are buying Saga, Blizzard took a wild turn

News Summary:

  • “Xbox and PlayStation are currently competing closely, and access to key content such as CoD is a key part of that competition,” he wrote in a CMA press release. “Reducing this competition between Microsoft and Sony means that all gamers will likely see game consoles become more expensive, shorter in range, lower in quality, and less serviceable over time.”

  • Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, recently said on TV that the UK would be in “Death Valley” if he didn’t approve the sale of his company to Microsoft for $69 billion. I understand why. The country’s competition and market regulator on Wednesday released preliminary findings that the deal would jeopardize competition in the gaming market, with Activision Blizzard issuing a call of approval for the deal to be the first to approve the merger deal. He suggested that the duty portion should be sold.

In particular, regulators have sought to explore what the acquisition means for the console and cloud gaming markets. In both cases, the CMA found in its research that dedicating Activision Blizzard’s games to the company’s platform was “commercially advantageous” to Microsoft, or at least “substantially worse” than its competitors. said to have found out.

Selling is a fancy word for selling, and CMA is basically saying that Microsoft is currently only buying parts of his Activision Blizzard rather than the publisher as a whole, like the Candy Crush part and the World of Warcraft part. You said you wanted to, but you definitely didn’t. of duty part. “These are preliminary findings and mean that the CMA has put its concerns in writing and gives both parties an opportunity to respond,” said Activision Blizzard spokesperson Joseph Christinat. in a statement to Kotaku. “By April, we will help ensure that the CMA better understands our industry and fulfills its stated mission of fostering an environment where people can trust that they are finding great choices and fair deals. We want to be there.” And a place where the UK economy as a whole can grow productively and sustainably. ”

Microsoft has repeatedly said it won’t change Call of Duty’s status on the PlayStation after its sale, and has proposed signing a 10-year deal to that effect. It also reportedly includes the option to include it in its own PS Plus subscription service. However, CMAs are less enthusiastic about these opportunities and require “monitoring and enforcement.” Instead, it proposes “structural remedies” that fundamentally address potentially anti-competitive mergers.

The mega-merger is under scrutiny in the European Union as well as a full-blown antitrust lawsuit by the US Federal Trade Commission. Either way, console exclusivity seems to be the focus of regulators’ attention. One of his most anticipated blockbusters of the year, Starfield was originally a multi-platform game before Microsoft acquired Bethesda and made it exclusive to Xbox Series X/S consoles.