According to recent rumors, cheaper Xbox Series X / S memory expansion cards are on the way

According to recent rumors, cheaper Xbox Series X / S memory expansion cards are on the way

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  • if we were talking about a couple of years ago, 512 GB would be quite sufficient, but now games and updates have increased in size, by a lot, and 512 GB, unfortunately, is no longer enough.

  • One of the most controversial aspects of the next-gen consoles, such as the Xbox Series X/S, is the low storage issue. Both next-gen consoles (X and S) come with restrictive storage options, Series S with 512 GB and Series X with 1 TB.

Titles like Call of Duty and Halo Infinite are breaking the 100 GB mark. However, there is a solution to increase the storage by expansion cards. One of the best SSDs for Series X and S currently is Seagate‘s 1TB expansion card, but it is quite expensive and costs around $222.

Considering one terabyte equals 1,000 gigabytes, the 512GB card could be roughly half of what the 1TB costs. So, maybe somewhere between £110 and £120.

According to some rumors, looks like a cheaper option is on the way. Recently, a retail listing appeared in France teasing a much cheaper 512 GB expansion card from Seagate. The cheaper expansion card is designed especially for Xbox Series X and S.

Apparently, Seagate is also planning to offer a USB-based SSD deep storage solution. You wouldn’t be able to run any games stored on the USB expansion but moving them from the expansion to the console’s SSD should be much quicker than deleting games from the Xbox and downloading them again.

With the ever-expanding sizes of games (looking at you Call of Duty), people were disappointed when the internal storage sizes of the next-gen consoles were revealed. Both console manufacturers offered up ways to increase the storage, with Microsoft landing on a proprietary expansion card route that plugs into the back of the system.

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