According to new research iPhone Owners are worse drivers than Android users

According to new research iPhone Owners are worse drivers than Android users

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  • Android users scored higher even when their demographics suggested they shouldn’t. For example, married people, homeowners, and college graduates are typically better drivers than those who are single, renting, or never finished high school. This trend didn’t hold true for Android and iPhone owners, though. Every demographic was turned upside down by Android owners. You would expect married people to be more responsible behind the wheel, but nope. Jerry’s study showed that single Android owners were better drivers than those iPhone users who were married. Education didn’t matter either. According to Jerry’s survey results, Android users who never completed high school surprisingly scored higher than iPhone owners with a Ph.D. And when it came to homeownership, this trend held true again with Android renters outperforming iPhone users who owned a house.

  • According to the research, Android users drive slower and are better at turning, braking, and accelerating. According to a recent Jerry research, it is safer to drive with an Android user than with an iPhone users. The online vehicle insurance company assessed the driving habits of 20,000 individuals who drove more than 8 million kilometres. The findings were disturbing, and iPhone customers should be made aware of what Jerry discovered. According to Jerry, Android users outperformed iPhone users in both the overall and specific areas of safe driving. In reality, iPhone users did not fare well. They lagged Android users in every single category of safe driving. Android users tended to drive more slowly and were less distracted. They were also superior at

Jerry’s data could not fully explain why iPhone owners tended to score lower for safe driving. In its analysis, Jerry pointed to distracted driving as one potential explanation. iPhone owners were much more likely to handle their phones than Android users when behind the wheel. No matter how you justify it, you’re not going to be a safe driver if you are always looking at your phone.

It may also come down to personality traits. Recent studies suggest Android users are more conscientious and more likely to be rule-followers than their iPhone counterparts. iPhone owners, on the other hand, are more emotional and spirited. As a result, iPhone owners may push the limits and respond more powerfully to external circumstances while driving. This emotional response could lead to faster acceleration, sharper turning, and more abrupt braking. These three behaviors undoubtedly would lower the safe driving scores.

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