According to new legal documents, Kanye wants to build West A. Tech rich

According to new legal documents, Kanye wants to build West A. Tech rich

Tech Highlights:

  • Kanye West is no stranger to breaking into new business ventures, so entering the tech space seems almost natural.

  • You know when Kanye West is coming. His matte-black Lamborghini SUV rumbles up his gated driveway on the outskirts of Los Angeles like an earthquake, and when he steps out, in a white T-shirt and dark sweats, the obsessiveness kicks in immediately.

The “Jail” rapper recently filed paperwork to trademark the use of “Donda” on tech products from tablets to phones, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. Kanye’s company put in the trademark application on September 21 to get the legal rights to put the rapper’s late mother’s name on a range of electronic devices.

Ye seems to be already thinking about wearable tech pieces, too, because the application covers smartwatches, and smart glasses, plus activity trackers you can wear and protective covers for tablets.

The application specifically requests rights to tablet computers, audio speakers, and surround sound systems, the outlet reported.

But wait, there’s more. Kanye looks to also want to compete in the headphone arena, too since the trademark application also covers earbuds, headphones, and wireless headphone sets for phones and tablets.

If Ye’s application gets approved, he would also be able to brand tech-smart jewelry, putting wireless receivers in the form of rings and other jewelry pieces.

“Donda” might also be used to brand music and entertainment news for the rapper in the form of downloadable publications, books, magazines, and more.

This latest trademark application comes right after the rapper requested trademark rights on a variety of home decor items, and following the release of his highly-anticipated DONDA album. Perhaps most impressively, West still owns 100% of Yeezy. This is the reason he became a centimillionaire many times over much earlier in his life than Jordan. Given Yeezy’s success, West should eventually join the NBA legend—alongside sister-in-law Kylie Jenner and mentor Jay-Z—in achieving billionaire status, though the never-modest West would claim he’s there already. And then some.

“We’ve yet to see all of the beauty that would be manifested through this partnership,” West says. “We’ve only experienced a small glimmer of light.”

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