According to an Apple patent, the following iPhone may contain lasers.

According to an Apple patent, the following iPhone may contain lasers.

Tech Highlights:

  • There are many ways in which these lasers could be utilised, firstly, as a way to make Face ID and Touch ID more robust and secure. More interestingly, the lasers could be used to detect particulate matter in the air and analyse the overall air quality. In addition, the patent hints at Apple’s AR ambitions stating that the lasers could be used to “gather performance metrics for the user’s interaction with an augmented or virtual world.”

  • According to a recent patent, Apple may be developing future iPhone and Apple Watch versions that incorporate lasers. At first glance, it seems absurd, yet a closer look reveals a vast array of intriguing possible applications. Future iPhone and Apple Watch versions would have Horizontal Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (or HCSEL) beneath the display, according to the patent.

There’s mention of fitness features, too. The data collected may be “used to provide insights into a user’s general wellness, or may be used as positive feedback to individuals using technology to pursue wellness goals.” Finally, the patent mentions integrating HCSELs into camera functionality, hinting that there’s a promise of improving camera features with this tech – akin to how the iPhone 13 Pro utilises LIDAR for focusing.

Now, that’s a lot of features and whether Apple implements any of them at all is another matter entirely. But, it’s exciting tech, nonetheless, and we’re hoping to see it in action. Via: Apple Just Revealed An Amazing iPhone Upgrade In New Patent – Source: Apple is considering the use of Horizontal Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (HCSEL) for Under Display Biometrics for Apple Watch, iPhone+ –

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