According to a secret Apple memo, Sony introduced PlayStation Now for mobile devices

News Summary:

  • It used to stream to Vita, but in late 2017 (coincidence?) it ditched all those original platforms and focused on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 instead of Windows. PC-centric. It recently added 1080p streaming and a PS5 client, but not on Android, iOS, or Mac.

  • In 2017, long before Apple declared that cloud gaming on the iPhone could only exist by jumping through giant hoops, Sony was preparing to launch its cloud gaming service PlayStation Now on mobile phones, according to classified documents became clear in. This may have been the biggest single addition to Sony’s PS Now gaming service in years.

But when The Verge announced that Epic v. According to Apple’s investigation, Apple had inside information about Sony’s upcoming launches. Apple said, “We’ve been hearing about a [yet-unannounced] mobile expansion of the existing streaming service for PlayStation users, which is expected to launch streaming access to over 450 of his PS3 games, and will be available for PS4. The game will continue.”

At the time, Apple was preparing to approach his 30 top game studios and ask them to add up to “hundreds of titles.” In 2019, I wrote that Sony missed an opportunity to become a leader in cloud gaming. But despite Apple’s resistance to cloud gaming on the App Store (read my new article on what happened with Microsoft), there’s an interesting possibility that Sony hasn’t given up yet.

A handful of his PS4 games were released on PlayStation Now in July 2017, but the presentation said the service was “PS3 games only at this time,” notifying Apple of more than just moving to mobile.  Apple is in the midst of discussing plans to launch its own game subscription service, Apple Arcade, which he won’t announce until two years later.

Sony now reportedly has Project Spartacus, which bundles its cloud gaming service into PlayStation Plus subscriptions, bringing original his PS1 games and “eventually” PS5 games to the service as well. It’s possible Sony read the space and decided it wasn’t worth fighting Apple like Steam, Shadow, Microsoft, and Google did for mobile access, but instead Sony sold more consoles.

You may have chosen to focus on doing. If you have a PS4 or PS5 at home, the company’s PS Remote Play app already lets you play on a wide variety of Apple devices (possibly even over cellular) and stream Android.Stream your new PS5 to your old PS4.