According to a former Sony CEO, PS5 titles would never appear on PC on the same day as the console

According to a former Sony CEO, PS5 titles would never appear on PC on the same day as the console

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  • This would certainly make sense with PC releases like Horizon Zero Dawn which was released on PC and now has a new fanbase that might be desperate to play the PlayStation console-exclusive sequel, Horizon Forbidden West when it releases early next year.

  • During a video interview with the What’s Up PlayStation YouTube channel, Layden divulged a few details about PlayStation’s PC plan when he left the company. In it, he said the plan with PC was “to go out to where these new customers are, these new fans could be” in a hope to sway them over to PlayStation consoles and games.

It’s worth noting that Layden retired from his position as CEO of SIE Worldwide Studios just over two years ago in 2019 so his information may be a little out of date.

However in terms of PlayStation experts, you can’t do much better than Layden, and so far his comments match up with what we’ve both seen and heard from the company in more recent months. Only time will prove if Layden’s predictions are correct, but we’d be inclined to believe him.

Considering that since his departure we’ve been plagued by a global pandemic and faced huge PS5 shortages, there’s a strong chance Sony’s internal conversations are very different today than they were back then.

Analysis: why release on PC at all?

Consoles always like to boast the best graphic performance and shortest load times, but we all know the real reason people buy one machine over another is the exclusives; how else do you think Nintendo’s underpowered hardware keeps selling so well?

So you wouldn’t be weird for thinking that giving up that exclusivity to release on PC too would be a bad business decision.

For Sony, it almost certainly would be a bad idea if it wanted to go for a day and date release on both PC and PS5, but for now, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, Sony hopes that the delayed release will help it turn a bigger profit on console exclusive games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. For Microsoft, the strategy gets much more muddy thanks to Windows 11 on PC and Xbox Game Pass, but for Sony it’s all about encouraging players to PS5 first then when the game is old enough releasing it to the masses.

As time goes on we’ll have to wait and see how its PC plans change, but at least we know it’s dedicated to its PC efforts with Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves soon to release on PC. Hopefully, games like God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man will follow too.

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