Aaron Greenberg is now Vice President of Games Marketing at Xbox

Aaron Greenberg is now Vice President of Games Marketing at Xbox

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  • Aaron responded to messages from his friends and fans on his social media. Here’s exactly what he had to say: “Thank you so much. I’m so happy to see all the notes. I appreciate the work I can do for Team Xbox and the fans. Many gamers and trade shows like Gamescom and Xbox FanFest. Aaron Greenberg, known to visitors, has been promoted.  

  • Fans of the Xbox team know Aaron Greenberg well. He’s a really nice guy who’s always busy promoting the latest games and hardware. It seems that he was recently promoted. A LinkedIn profile revealed how he was promoted from his Xbox Game Marketing General Manager to his Xbox Game Marketing Vice President. He assumed his new role this month after eight years and four months as general manager. 

As his LinkedIn profile reveals, he’s been promoted to Vice President of Xbox Game Marketing. Previously, he was the General Manager of Xbox Game Marketing at Microsoft. Greenberg has been with Microsoft for almost 25 years. In 1997, he started as his senior planner for the Latin America region. He then joined the Xbox division in 2000 as a manager of the Xbox Sales & Marketing business and has held various positions over the years.

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