A Victorian man using Apple AirTag discovers his misplaced luggage at Melbourne Airport

A Victorian man using Apple AirTag discovers his misplaced luggage at Melbourne Airport

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  • He filed a lost luggage form with Singapore Airlines and their baggage carrier Swissport, hoping to retrieve the bag which contained about $6500 worth of cycling gear and presents and other personal belongings, but claimed he did not receive any updates – describing the experience as a “sh*t show”. He also tried calling customer service up to 16 times and left multiple voice messages, but to no avail.

  • An Australian man who had lost his luggage for two weeks has described the bizarre method by which he eventually located it within an airport office. An Australian guy who used a “simple” device to track for his lost luggage hasn’t heard anything from the airline or its luggage partner. Mid-June saw the return of Ballarat resident Shane Miller, a technology expert and bicycle enthusiast, following a weeklong vacation in Europe. Although he returned, his checked luggage did not.

Shane Miller was frustrated after trying to get his lost luggage returned to him. Picture: YouTube/Shane Miller – GPLama. Instead, Shane came up with a nifty solution to finding the lost luggage himself. But even though he now has his lost bag, he told news.com.au he still hasn’t received any correspondence from Singapore Airlines or Swissport. “Unfortunately I haven’t had any contact whatsoever,” Shane said. “I’ll check the bag status again now … and the bag status remains. The last update was on June 13.”

He then knocked on the door, entered the office and explained to staff his lost bag was somewhere inside. Shane provided them with all the documentation and explained that the AirTag on his bad had told him his luggage was there. With the help of the technology, he directed staff to his case which was sitting among a bunch of other lost bags. “I did feel I shouldn’t have been in their office, but I tried every avenue,” Shane said in the clip. Once there, he found his way to the Swissport office. Picture: YouTube/Shane Miller – GPLama

After deciding to take matters into his own hands, on June 20, Shane found himself driving the one-and-a-half hours from his home in Ballarat to Melbourne Airport when his Apple AirTag revealed the exact location of his missing bag. In a YouTube clip, Shane explained he had an Apple AirTag attached to his missing suitcase which was able to track the luggage. He showed how the $45 AirTag locator on his phone was able to lock on to the GPS signal from his Apple AirTag, which in turn told him the bag was at Melbourne Airport. Once there, an airport staffer directed him to Swissport’s office.

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