A three hour trial is currently available for the excellent Marvel’s Midnight Suns

News Summary:

  • Midnight Suns, which was released in December, offers a compelling single-player narrative that alternates between simple turn-based combat and an RPG-style hub where you can hang out and get to know the superheroes you’ve chosen to join your team. The battles are exciting and quick. The dialogue in the story is excellent, and the way the Marvel characters interact is frequently brilliant. There is much to adore.

  • My favorite video game from the previous year that failed to gain popularity was Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It was just today included in a list of recently released books by publisher Take-Two that received good reviews but, for whatever reason, failed to make the cash registers ring.

I never thought the marketing for the game did a good job of explaining everything, and since I had never played XCOM before, I was initially hesitant to start my first Firaxis game. I finally made the leap and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Even better, the game is now playable in demo form on Xbox for free and on PlayStation as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

All of this is to say that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is definitely worth a look if you haven’t already.

This trial version, which is listed as being accessible until January 27, 2024, should give you three hours of gameplay.

Jake Solomon, the director of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, wrote this morning on Twitter that the game was “exactly what I wanted it to be.

He continued, “Take Two and 2K gave us all the tools and time we required to create the game of our dreams. “Play the free trial that is currently available for Xbox and PS Plus Premium. Now there are no justifications.