A new Witcher spin-off game is coming to mobile devices

A new Witcher spin-off game is coming to mobile devices

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  • In an interview with gaming website IGN, Gwent Comms lead Paweł Burza stated that the upcoming game will be available for Android, iOS, and PC later this year. Currently codenamed “Projekt Golden Nekker,” the game is a spin-off set in the Gwent universe, which itself forms part of the overall Witcher in-game universe. The upcoming title will also be exclusive to mobile and PC, with no planned release for game consoles at the moment.

  • The Witcher videogame series by CD Projekt Red has spawned a number of console games and even a Netflix series, making it one of the most popular pop-culture properties in recent history. It has even generated a couple of mobile games, both of which are accessible for Android devices. With that stated, a spin-off game is in the works, and it could be arriving to Android very soon.

The game was first revealed by CD Projekt Red back in January, although it will supposedly focus more on providing a single-player experience, as opposed to the multiplayer-oriented gameplay in Gwent.

Currently, there are two Witcher spin-off games available for mobile devices, which are GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, and The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker. Both titles were also previously released on consoles, and heavily revolve around Gwent’s gameplay and mechanics.

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