A new Waz iPhone and CarPlay version is now available for download

A new Waz iPhone and CarPlay version is now available for download

Tech Highlights:

  • A new version of Waze is therefore available for download on iOS platforms, which means it’s aimed at both users who run the navigation app on their iPhones and also at those who launch it on CarPlay in vehicles where such capabilities exist. The new version is 4.83, and just as expected, given it’s a small increase from 4.82, which was shipped to production devices back in April, the focus has been entirely on fixing bugs in the application. In other words, you shouldn’t expect any new features, but only small polishing and some problems to be resolved after the update.

  • Waze has become an integral component of the everyday arsenal that drivers rely on when stepping behind the wheel, as one of the most popular navigation programmes available. And it clearly happens for a reason. Waze is always capable of finding a faster route to a user-defined destination, all while avoiding anything that may slow you down, such as accidents, traffic congestion, or speed traps, thanks to its crowdsourcing engine. As a result, Waze has become a must-have software for many drivers, and the updates provided by the Google-owned firm are important to the whole experience.

And according to Waze itself, this update actually includes a very important fix, as the new version addresses a crash that occurred when trying to open a notification. Of course, there’s a chance that some other fixes have been included as well, as the changelogs provided by Waze for iOS releases have always been pretty vague and lacked more specifics.

On the other hand, all users are recommended to update Waze to the latest version as soon as possible, especially if they have previously encountered the bug that the parent company claims it has fixed. At the time of writing, no new issues have been reported in this latest update, so at first glance, it looks like it’s good to go.

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