A new survival game for PC and consoles is revealed

A new survival game for PC and consoles is revealed

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  • There are vacancies available across Art, Design and Engineering departments for the unannounced survival game. Many of the open roles include positions at the senior and lower levels such as environmental and character artists, level designers and software engineers. Activision Blizzard was recently acquired by Microsoft for US$68.7 billion and thus, this new game could be an Xbox and PC exclusive, though this has not been confirmed.

  • Launched a new PC and console survival game set in a completely new universe. For the undisclosed game, the studio is presently searching experienced developers to cover a number of roles. The project’s concept art has been posted, despite the fact that it appears to be in its early phases. Blizzard has stated that it is working on a new PC and console game set in a different universe. The game looks to be in its early phases of production, and the business has released very little information about it. The undisclosed game, however, has been revealed to be in the survival genre, and Blizzard is actively interviewing experienced developers for the project.

The company has other games in the works such as the highly anticipated Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4. The release dates of these games are still unclear. The survival game would be the company’s first new franchise in many years, following Overwatch, which was originally released in 2016.

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