A new ecoLaptop, the Concept Luna, and the arrival of Sony’s Airpeak drone

A new ecoLaptop, the Concept Luna, and the arrival of Sony's Airpeak drone

Tech Highlights:

  • Concept Luna is designed to be easily repaired and reassembled, which will mean that the product life cycle is much longer. As a result, this will reduce the broken and outdated amount of parts that would normally be wasted. These features will reduce power requirements which enables designers to use a smaller battery with deep-cycle cells. Dell says this will provide a “long charge that can be maintained across many years of use, increasing refurbishment and reuse beyond the first product life services”. In addition to the power efficiency, Dell is using recyclable materials and renewable energy, such as hydro power, as well as reducing the amount of components needed for the laptop on top of reducing repair time.

  • Here’s another roundup of news from stories you might have missed, including a new environmentally friendly laptop, a new Zoom recorder, and Sony’s Airpeak drone becoming available for purchase. The Luna concept is a laptop that claims to reduce its carbon footprint by 50%. Dell is releasing its new laptop to modify its ways to more “circular design” in response to the environment issue. This is accomplished by utilising more reusable components. It is claimed that by shifting the motherboard to a cooler portion of the laptop, it has reduced power usage. As a result, Dell will be able to reduce its carbon footprint by 50%.

Zoom R20 has a new 16-track portable recorder with a touchscreen editing. The R20 is a compact all-in-one studio recorder with 16-tracks, integrated effects and a touchscreen for DAW-style editing. The portable recorder records in 44.1 kHz and at 16/24-bit fidelity. It also features built in EQ and effects such as 3-band equaliser, compressor, limiter, noise gate and reverb. Although many of these features are aimed towards musicians, we think it could be useful in film production, especially when mixing audio directly on set in different locations.

Sony announced its first drone back in January 2021 and now, you are able to order the Airpeak S1 for delivery on the 24th December. This is claimed to be the world’s smallest drone that is capable of shooting footage with a full-size mirrorless interchangeable-lens Alpha series camera. This is the first drone from Sony, but it remains to be seen how well it can compete with established offerings from DJI. The Airpeak is a brand new line of product, which is solely targeting professional photography and video production. It will be interesting to see how it positions itself in the highly competitive drone sector, which is currently dominated by DJI. The Airpeak is priced at $8,999.99 (£6.750) and you get:

There are eight different input channels: two of them are XLR-¼ and the other six are XLR connectors. Every input has a gain control, record arm button and level fader. You can apparently split, copy, paste, loop and move regions easily by using the touchscreen. All the tracks are colour-coded to correspond to the colours of the input channels. The R20 works with SDXC cards up to 1 TB in capacity. In addition to the card, there is a USB/C connector to be used as an audio interface for computer or iOS devices. Another USB port connects to a Bluetooth adapter that enables wireless connection to a smartphone and for remote-controlling through R20 Control App.

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